Food for Thought Location MapYou’re invited to Food for Thought, meeting in State College every Tuesday from June 25-August 20 at 6:00 p.m. at the St. Peter’s building on W. College Ave. between Blue Course Dr. and Science Park Rd. (1795 W. College Ave.).

Each week, there will be a free dinner followed by a discussion of a passage from the Bible. No prior knowledge will be assumed. However familiar or unfamiliar you are with Christianity and the Bible, you’re welcome to come learn and discuss your thoughts and questions. If you’re not sure you’d feel comfortable meeting with strangers to talk about these kinds of things, just remember: everyone will be in the same boat! And by the end of the summer, we won’t be strangers anymore. This is a great opportunity to make new connections in your local community in a relaxed environment while discussing the things that matter most. All are welcome, and feel free to bring your family! 

What to Expect from Food for Thought

  • Enjoy dinner with people from your local community (no charge)
  • Engage in serious spiritual discussion
  • Explore the true historical identity and significance of Jesus
  • Examine what you believe about God and how it compares with the Bible

No need to attend every week. Come when you can. 

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