Resources for the Christian Life

A Summary of the Gospel. A summary of the Christian faith, expressed in the form of a creed (a series of “I believe…” statements).

Understanding Worship. A one-page explanation of the elements in our worship services.

The English Bible: A Concise Summary (4th ed.). A resource containing:

1. Single-page summaries for each book of the Bible.
2. An introductory essay on the practice of biblical meditation.
3. An appendix containing lessons on how to read the Bible.
4. Introductions to both the Old Testament and New Testament, charts, and maps.
5. Two Bible reading plans: one to read the whole Bible, and one to survey the Bible in 90 days.

The Confession of the Presbyterian Church: A Study Commentary on the Westminster Standards (4th ed.). A resource containing a doctrinal commentary on the Westminster Confession and Larger and Shorter Catechisms. This is the main text for our studies in Bible Doctrine: Connecting the Dots in God’s Story.

Read the Whole Bible. A schedule to read the entire New Testament, the Psalms, and the Proverbs every year – and the entire Old Testament every two years. Readings are provided for Monday through Saturday of each week of the year. There are no readings provided for the Lord’s Day – in order that the reader may focus their attentions on the passages considered during public worship.

90 Day Survey of the Bible. A reading plan through some of the major events and teachings of the Old and New Testaments in three months: 60 days in the Old Testament, and 30 days in the New Testament.

How to Read the Bible (Hermeneutics). A 9-part video series from our adult Sunday School, explaining how to read the Bible – from meditation, to application, to communion with God.

Gospel Identity. A short article explaining the doctrine of union with Christ – and why it matters.

Spiritual Unity: Serious Considerations before Marriage. An article discussing the importance of a shared spiritual identity and community for those wishing to be married.

Evangelism: Lessons Learned – the Way Forward. A short document summarizing our adult Sunday School series on evangelism.

Church Membership. This page walks you through the process of becoming a church member at Resurrection Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

The Gospel and the OPC. This booklet explains each of the five membership vows of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Reformed Distinctives. A page containing the handouts from our adult Sunday School series on what it means to be a church in the Reformed tradition of Protestantism.