Church Membership

Joining Resurrection Orthodox Presbyterian Church

(You can download a print version of this page here.)

The first step in pursuing membership at Resurrection OPC is to attend worship services to get a feel for the teaching, worship, and life of the congregation.

The second step is to review, either on your own or with the pastor, our membership book, The Gospel and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

If you have any questions or need any clarification after reviewing the membership material, request a meeting with the pastor prior to meeting with the elders of the church (the session).

If you were previously a member of another church and would like to obtain a letter of standing or transfer, please have this letter sent to the session prior to meeting with the elders.

When you are ready, you will meet with session. The interview takes approximately 30 minutes per person, and proceeds according to the following approximate format:

Members of a family are interviewed individually.

We first ask how you came to know Jesus Christ. This is different for each person, of course, so we are not expecting a boilerplate response. We simply like to hear how the Lord has worked in your life.

The pastor will ask you a series of questions based on the five membership vows explained in the book. These questions ask you to articulate what you believe about the Bible, the Trinity, Jesus Christ, your relationship to him, the Christian life, and your willingness to submit to the spiritual oversight of church government.

This is not a heavy theology exam! Rather, the purpose is to enable the elders, having heard your answers, to say in good conscience that we believe your profession of faith is credible.

After the pastor finishes asking the main questions, the other elders will each ask a question or two.

After our conversation is complete, we ask you to step out while session discusses and then votes on your interview. Remember: session does not cast judgment on a soul. Rather, we are voting on whether we – who will someday answer to the Lord for our shepherding – can say in good conscience that your profession of faith is credible.

After session votes to receive you into membership, we announce the reception to the congregation. Then you will pick a day – at least one week consequent to the announcement – on which to take the membership vows publicly during a worship service.

Questions about church membership? Contact us.