Reformed Distinctives

This page is intended to provide resources on what it means to be a Christian church in the Reformed tradition of Protestantism.

Welcome to a Reformed Church

One of the best concise resources on Reformed distinctives is Danny Hyde’s Welcome to a Reformed Church. This book was the source text for a seven-week study at Resurrection church. Handouts for each week are available via the following links:

Chapter 1 – Roots: Our History

Chapter 2 – Confessions: Doctrinal Foundations

Chapter 3 – Scripture: the Final Authority

Chapter 4 – Covenant: God’s Story

Chapters 5 & 6 – Justification & Sanctification

Chapters 7 & 9 – Church & the Means of Grace

Chapter 8 – Worship: of God, by God, for God

Welcome to a Reformed Church can be purchased online here.

Additional Resources

What is the Purpose of Worship? A short article on the principles of worship.

Worship: Contemporary or Traditional? A short article discussing worship style.