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Everybody has an eschatology—a working theory of how the world will end. The enveloping fire of a dying sun? The oblivion of nirvana? What we think about the end shapes how we live in the present—at least it should. When Christians speculate beyond what the Bible says, get lost in intricate and heated debates, or become exhausted and ignore the subject altogether, we miss the vital, energizing, and practical core of the Bible’s teaching about the return of Christ and the renewal of God’s creation. We need to get back to the basics—what does the Bible really say about the end times, and what practical impact does that have on your Christian life today, as an individual and in the church?

Join us as Pastor William Boekestein presents “The Future of Everything: What the Bible Really Says About the End Times, and Why It Matters.” The author of a brand new book on eschatology, he makes the subject clear and practical for ordinary Christians who want to live in faithful anticipation of Jesus’ return. Everybody has an eschatology—what is yours, and are you living it out today?

Admission is free, and no registration is required (although an RSVP would be appreciated).

Conference Schedule

Session 1: Practical Eschatology: Why the End Times Matter Today

Of all the theological subjects the study of the end times must be the least practical, right? God surely has a plan for wrapping up his program of redemption. But does eschatology really affect how I live now? After reflecting on the end of all things Peter poses this question: In light of God’s revealed plan to purify the cosmos, “What manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?” (2 Peter 3:11). A robust eschatology can invigorate us with the reality that God’s last work will change everything, and the change has already begun.  

Session 2: Your Eschatological Mission: How the End Times Energize the Church

Eschatology is a theology of waiting. The King has traveled to a far country and has been a long time in returning. But his delay is a demonstration of patience and generosity and an ongoing spur for the church to live out its role as a light to the nations. Missions is the clear answer to the eschatological question, Why hasn’t Jesus returned? A biblical eschatology can shift our paradigm of missions at home and abroad, helping us to reorient our understanding of missions from tangent to priority.


Conference Speaker

William Boekestein is the pastor of Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He received his B.A. at Kuyper College and his M.Div. at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Prior to entering the ministry he worked in residential construction and taught at a Christian school for several years. He and his wife Amy have four children.

He has authored dozens of articles as well as Bible Studies on Mark, Ulrich Zwingli, A Well-Ordered Church (with Daniel R. Hyde),  Why Christ Came: 31 Meditations on the Incarnation (with Joel R. Beeke), Life Lessons from a Calloused Christian: A Practical Study of Jonah with Questions, for teen readers, Shepherd Warrior, and for children Faithfulness under Fire: The Story of Guido de Bres, The Quest for Comfort: The Story of the Heidelberg Catechism, and The Glory of Grace: The Story of the Canons of Dort. Most recently, he authored The Future of Everything: Essential Truths about the End Times (Reformation Heritage Books, 2019).

Praise for The Future of Everything

“This volume succeeds admirably in presenting biblical teaching on the end times for a broad readership yet without sacrificing substance. It rescues ‘eschatology’ from becoming an abstract word by emphasizing throughout the relevance and practical implications of what will take place at Christ’s return for the present life of Christians and the mission of the church in the world. The series of questions that accompany each chapter make it ideal for individual and group study.”

– Richard B. Gaffin Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Here is a clear, orderly survey of what the Bible teaches us to expect as God works out His purpose for His world.”

– J. I. Packer
Author of
Knowing God

“This is definitely a book I’d give my friends who want to understand the end times from a biblical perspective. Grounded in Scripture, The Future of Everything is immensely practical—at least for everyone who will die one day. I heartily recommend it!”

– Michael Horton
J. Gresham Machen Professor of Theology, Westminster Seminary California


Conference Location

St. Peter’s, 1795 W College Ave, State College, PA 16801

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